Wendy McGrath - Printmaking

Wendy is an experienced teacher at TAFE, Universities & schools including the Flying Arts School. Her classes are suitable for all levels and in particular those who wish to play.

Mediums taught include solarplate etching, collograph, sugarlift, drypoint and relief. The workshop uses safe and environmentally friendly techniques and materials.

Workshop Details:All workshops will run from 9am - 4pm.
Morning Tea & Lunch will be provided.
Full details & material list will be supplied when workshop is paid in full.

3 x 2 DAY Workshops:  Venue: The Abbey Museum

Bookings closed please contact 0754968418 or 0438194750.

WM1- WENDY MCGRATH- SOLAR ETCHING:  9 & 10 June, 2014 

WM2- WENDY MCGRATH- SOLAR ETCHING:  11 & 12 June, 2014

WM3- WENDY MCGRATH- SOLAR ETCHING:  13 & 14 June, 2014

STUDENT LEVY to be advised - pay at class






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